Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Student Awards
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Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Student Awards

2020 Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Students – Announced

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At the Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day, we will be honoring 11th and 12th graders as Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Students who exemplify excellence not only in academics but also in character and other areas such as music, art, speech & debate, community service, etc.  We will be choosing TWO students from each of the zones marked on the map.


Students must be nominated by recognized leaders within their homeschool community (i.e. church school, co op, support group, etc), and completed Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Student of the Year Applications must be submitted to the Alabama Capitol Day Committee no later than January 24, 2020.


All submissions must include:

  • Nomination by a recognized leader in the homeschool community (school administration, co-op director, or support group leader)
  • Nomination acceptance and application from parent
  • A current 4 – 6 megapixel picture of the student¬†
  • Student bio in paragraph form
  • And at least one additional letter of recommendation from a Teacher/Tutor (for an academic subject, music, Speech & Debate or sports coach), your Church Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Employer or other Personal Contact other than a family member or relative…


As a homeschool leader, you can nominate a student for the Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Student Award. Be prepared with student's and their parent's contact information, as well as your personal recommendation.


After a student nomination, parents will be contacted to accept the nomination. Parents will be asked to provide more information about their student, including a brief bio, photo, and an additional recommendation.


A parent/student will list at least one additional reference who will be asked to complete a recommendation. Personal recommendations can be uploaded files or typed directlly into our system.