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On April 2, 2020, homeschoolers from across the state of Alabama will converge in Montgomery to meet with our legislators, introduce them to our community, and so much more.


We have already announced dates for a T-shirt design contest. We will welcome homeschool students across Alabama to submit designs for our first annual homeschool capitol day shirts! Contest guidelines are coming, as well as how to submit your student’s artwork. Deadlines for submissions will also be announced. We will narrow the submissions down to the top 3, and put the final selections up to a vote!


As we confirm the itinerary for the day we will get that added to the website, and on our social media platforms as well. We plan to hear from several of our legislators, have packets of information to share, announce outstanding student awards, arrange visits to the floor to see our legislators in action, and more. We are working to produce an amazing experience for your families. Pencil this date into your calendar, and stay tuned for more information!


You can follow us here on our website: https://alcapitolday.com

On Facebook: https://facebook.com/alcapitolday

Instagram: https://instagram.com/al.homeschool.capitolday


Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day brought to you by the combined efforts of:

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Things to remember ~ Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day


We want to welcome everyone to our first Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day. On this day, we look to enjoy engaging with legislators and introducing them to our community. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time, we want to share these reminders of conduct as we gather together. 


We will be attempting to squeeze all we can out of this day—from speakers and presentations, to awards and meetings. We also have some special tours and other fun opportunities planned. To that end, please be mindful of the timelines and honor and respect the event planners by arriving on time and following sessions as they are intended. 


There may be times when your family will step away and pursue activities separate from the group, but when you are attending sessions please be respectful of their time and listen intentionally. 

Families Welcome

We want to welcome all of our Alabama homeschool families to come on this day, and to participate in the many activities we have planned. A strong showing of our families at this event will show better than anything we say how seriously we take our liberties, and how important we consider maintaining them.  We want to encourage parents to keep their children nearby at all times. While we are there legislative work will be taking place, and we certainly don’t want to be a hindrance.

Meeting Legislators

Unless you know your elected officials very well or they have asked you to address them on a first-name basis, they should be addressed with their title followed by their last name. For Example: “Governor Ivey,” “Senator Smith,” or “Representative Jones.”


The current state of politics can lend to some contentiousness. We want to remember that this is a bipartisan event as homeschooling families represent all political leanings. To that end, if you find yourself at odds with a representative’s values or opinions,  speak the truth in love. We want to convey kindness and grace to all those we encounter. 


Be confident in speaking with your legislators. Remember, they work for you! Let them know how important you see their job, and then convey the importance of homeschooling to your family.


As we who attend will be representative of our entire Alabama homeschool community we want to dress nicely, but plan to keep it casual. When you arrive you will be able to get your T-shirt to add to your outfit.

We will be asking our Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Students and those that will be visiting legislators to wear business attire. In essence, this means traditional church clothes. For men: suit and tie, or slacks and a button down long-sleeve shirt. For women: suit, skirt or slacks with blouse/sweater/blazer, or dress.

THANK YOU and we hope you have a fantastic time! 

~The Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day Team