Proclamation by the Governor of Alabama
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Proclamation by the Governor of Alabama

Proclamation by the Governor of Alabama

HAPPY ALABAMA HOME EDUCATION DAY!! By official proclamation from the Governor of Alabama we CELEBRATE our freedoms today as a community. When we announced this a few months back we had no way of knowing that our whole state would be joining us in a version of this today but WE know that homeschooling doesn’t look like this. WE know that homeschooling looks like schooling on the go, in our jammies, at the park, with our friends, and having to pick amazing opportunities to turn down to stay home to get regular work done! We can NOT wait to get back into the regular homeschooling swing of things, but until then we celebrate today! Be sure to send us pictures of you and yours on this Alabama Home Education Day!

By Proclamation of Kay Ivey, Governor of the great state of Alabama, April 2, 2020 will hereby be recognized as Home Education Day!

By the Governor of Alabama

WHERE AS the state of Alabama is committed to pursuing public policies that strengthen the family and offer the greatest possible choice in education for the children in Alabama; and

WHERE AS the state of Alabama recognizes the tremendous value and importance of parental involvement in the education of every school aged child; and

WHERE AS since 1925, the Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized the fundamental constitutional rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children; and

WHERE AS Section 16-1-11.1 of Alabama Code expressly recognizes that a parent or guardian has the right to choose the type of K-12 education that is best for his or her child, including home-based education; and

WHERE AS Children at home in Alabama and across America have consistently demonstrated the excellence of this model of education by attaining median score well above the average on academic achievement tests; and

WHERE AS home education provides children with an ideal opportunity to receive a strong academic education coupled with a broad range of opportunities for healthy socialization in a safe and secure environment; and

WHERE AS home educations provides parents with the opportunity to cultivate and influence the faith and moral values of their children; and

WHERE AS it is appropriate that Alabama recognizes and celebrates the contributions of homeschooling families, parents, and children alike, to the quality of education found in the state;

NOW THEREFORE I; Kay Ivey, Governor of the state of Alabama, do hereby proclaim April 2, 2020 as



Thank you Governor Ivey for recognizing this day, and our community, we are honored. Our certificate will be on display at our Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day event April 2, 2020! 

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